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One day we got together and realised we both had the same dream and that was to produce incredible events for our clients that reach the objectives they set out to achieve. 

Both of us are extremely passionate about what we do and want to contribute to the growth of our sector.

Having a complimentary skill set, as well as a common goal made the decision to launch our company a very easy one.

Lucy Brown

I was born in Cornwall in 1983. I was a little fatty coming in at 10lbs2 and spent a lot of time on the beautiful beaches, getting a lovely colour (at this time sun cream was not so well known!!). Even as a child, I always had a very entrepreneurial spirit... 

Aurora Martinez

I was born in Granada, the most amazing part of Spain, famous for the incredible UNESCO site Alhambra and the loving nature of the people there. As a child, I could never keep still, always wanting to help and be the first to answer the teacher’s questions ... 

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